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TV: buffy. doctor who. x-files. the west wing. supernatural. angel. battlestar galactica. firefly. dark angel. nip/tuck. the shield. rescue me. six feet under. breaking bad. friends. sports night. torchwood. house. 24. queer as folk (uk). brothers and sisters. star trek. boston legal. dexter. alias. prison break. chicago hope. criminal minds. wire in the blood. blackpool. life on mars (uk).
CHARACTERS: dana scully. clarice starling. the doctor. martha jones. dean winchester. rupert giles. wesley wyndam-pryce. severus snape. bill adama. starbuck. jed bartlet. toby zeigler. jack bauer. nina myers. john doggett. gregory house. tommy gavin. jeffrey geiger. alan shore. dutch wagenbach. shane vendrell. christian troy. tony hill. gene hunt. david fisher. chandler bing. alex mahone. jack bristow. aaron hotchner.

SHIPS: jack/irina. jensen/jared. harry/snape. doctor/master. doctor/martha. buffy/angel. adama/roslin. angel/wes. scully/doggett. scully/mulder. house/wilson. sam/gene. jack/ianto. alan/denny. jack/nina. toby/cj. bartlet/leo. michael/mahone. vic/shane. logan/martha. chandler/monica. tony/carol.
FILM: silence of the lambs. heat. good will hunting. adaptation. scent of a woman. american beauty. bringing out the dead. looking for richard. hurly burly. leon. life as a house. magnolia. ordinary people. u-turn. wonder boys. taxi driver. se7en. bang bang you're dead. mystic river. pushing tin.
GENIUSES: joss whedon. aaron sorkin. david e kelley. russell t davies.


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by x___itxgirl

24, acting, adaptation, al pacino, alan shore, alex mahone, alias, angel, angst, battlestar galactica, behavioral science, behavioural science, bono, boston legal, bree van de kamp, bringing out the dead, buffy, buffy the vampire slayer, buffy/angel, chandler, charles logan, chicago hope, chocolat, clarice starling, commander in chief, criminal profiling, dana scully, dark angel, david tennant, dean winchester, deniro, dexter, doctor who, doggett/scully, dollhouse, don eppes, dvds, f.r.i.e.n.d.s, fanart, fanfic, fanfiction, film, filmmaking, gary oldman, george clooney, gillian anderson, good will hunting, gossip girl, gregory itzin, grey's anatomy, grosse point blank, hannibal lecter, hans zimmer, heat, house md, house/wilson, hugh laurie, hurly burly, i support the strike, icons, irina derevko, irish/scottish accents, jack bauer, jack bristow, jack nicholson, jfk, joaquin phoenix, jodie foster, john cusack, john doggett, joss whedon, kevin spacey, kiefer sutherland, lecterphiles, lena olin, life as a house, looking for richard, magnolia, mark ruffalo, martin scorsese, medicine, meryl streep, michael mann, movies, mulder/scully, music, music videos, nina myers, nip/tuck, numb3rs, oliver stone, ordinary people, pacino, prison break, profiling, psychology, raging bull, ridley scott, robert de niro, robert deniro, robson green, sarcasm, scent of a woman, scorsese, scully, scully/mulder, se7en, sean penn, severus snape, silence of the lambs, six feet under, soundtracks, spyfam, supernatural, sydney bristow, taxi driver, television, the doctor, the edge, the practice, the shield, theatre, timothy hutton, to kill a mockingbird, tom cruise, tony hill, torchwood, true crime, tv, u2, val mcdermid, veronica mars, victor garber, west wing, wire in the blood, wonder boys, writing, x files, x-files


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